Thursday, July 22, 2010

Abortion and Voting

I am often asked, how I can be a Roman Catholic and a Democrat. The theory is, one cannot uphold the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Roman Catholic Church, while supporting candidates that would seek to keep abortion legal. Since my 53 years on this planet has convinced me that, if abortion were illegal, those who want one would simply go underground to get it, my vote doesn't amount to a hill of beans in this area.

In other words, making it illegal will not stop it. So, the killing will continue, no matter how I caste my vote. And, yes, I believe abortion is murder.

For those conservatives, ready to kill me, for being a baby-killing Democrat (and I have been called much worse by them), I want to say, loudly and clearly, I BELIEVE ABORTION IS MURDER. Once more, in case you missed it, conservatives, I BELIEVE ABORTION IS MURDER!!!!

I, also, believe we can actually SAVE more baby's lives with Democratic policies than Republican ones. Why? Because I know of several women in my life who told me they had abortions because they did not have the money to pay for the doctor bill. One woman looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, "I had to murder my baby because I had to choose between feeding the three children I already had, and paying the doctor for the one that was coming." Her deadbeat husband had left her with 3 kids. A few weeks later she found she was pregnant. I told her, indignant that I was at the time, "If abortion were illegal, you wouldn't have been able to get one." She replied, "It was." Nothing but free medical care was going to save that baby. She even told me she was prepared to give the child up for adoption, but there was no one to help her pay for the delivery. The horror, to me, of this is that she did not want an abortion, but felt she had no other choice.

Usually, when I relate the above story to conservatives, they get a very sympathetic look on their face. They genuinely feel sorry for her situation. But when I say that something like the "public option", or, horror of horrors, "universal health care" would save these children, one of two things comes out of their mouths: "That's socialism", or "We'd like to help, but we just can't afford it". Translation being, "I would let innocent babies die to prove a political point" or "I am too cheap to make sacrifices in my personal life so that babies can live."

Then, they go on to ask me if I believe that murders should go free. They talk about having the ability to prosecute women who murder their children via abortion. While I do not believe that murderers should go free, I also do not want to punish the aforementioned woman, or those in similar situations. Their nightmare is enough. Since I believe in an afterlife, and therefore, that all of us will be judged by God, I am not worried about anyone, ever, getting away with murder, or anything else, for that matter.

In my life I have also known women who had abortions because they could not pay for daycare, or food or whatever basic thing the baby would need. I have NEVER known any woman who had an abortion because she didn't want to be bothered with the child. Yes, some women have abortions for mind-bogglingly selfish reasons. Those women I would like to thrash, personally. But I believe them to be very rare. At least, I have never known one. And those babies are going to die no matter how I, any Democrat, or any conservative, votes. Because people that selfish, almost always get their way.

However, I can, by supporting candidates who will support universal health care, day care, food stamps and other social programs that twist the knickers of conservatives, enable more women to deliver healthy babies.

That's why I vote Democrat. To save the babies.