Thursday, September 14, 2006

Out of the Political Closet

When I first began this blog, and other endeavors under "The Democrat Lady", I did so for three reasons:

1) I did not want to place my personal information on the Internet.

2) I have a very common name and I share it with someone who is very active on the Internet and has written some books on HTML and other similar subjects. As, I, too, have a website about HTML, I did not want myself to be confused with her. I felt that since this is a political website, it was not fair to her, as my opinions might be mistakenly thought of as hers, and that might lead to problems for her.

3) In 2000, I created some web graphics in support of Al Gore for President and placed them on my own free graphics site. The ensuing avalanche of email calling me a "baby killer" (the only thing I was called that I can post on a blog) for supporting Democratic candidates was overwhelming.

4) Because of #3 above, I feared that my own online endeavor, my CafePress shops, would suffer if some people knew who I was.

I have decided to no longer be a coward. I am simply going to place the links here, in this spot, to my sites.

AmeriYank's AmeriWear -- fun designs on T-shirts, mugs, gifts, etc.

Mary and Jesus Shop -- Designs to earn money to donate for hurricane & tsunami survivors

AmeriYank's Graphics Farm -- Free graphics for Paint Shop Pro, some "paybee" graphics to keep the site open

HTML Tutorial -- very simple and basic

AmeriYank's Holiday Place -- Just some fun pages for various holidays

AmeriYank's World -- Just stuff I didn't know where else to put

And, of course...
The Democrat Lady's Shoppe -- Designs for the Democratically Inclined

I have been afraid my shops would suffer if some people on the Internet knew who I was. Well, OK, maybe they will. But I do not like cowards, and it's time I stopped being one.


Diego said...

It is the world of Blogging, you can post pretty much anything you want so I have to highly question exactly what was told to you for supporting the father of the Internet.

Please check out my site

I hope you will comment on my side, I think it would be very interesting to have a 'Democrat Lady' post on my site.

The Democrat Lady said...

Well, I all know is my email was overflowing to the point where it took me 2 to 3 hours every day to delete emails from people who called me a "baby killer", amoung other things.