Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Democrats, Get Off Your Rear End!

Get ready now!

In recent months, Republican majorities in Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, and several other states have created voter registration ID laws that are intended to prevent the poor, the elderly and other people who generally do not have drivers licenses from voting. They claim that this will reduce voter fraud. But the actual intention is to stop Democrats from voting.

That said, this blog post is not intended to be a complaint about the laws. While I do feel that they are un-American, cumbersome and intended to violate people's constitutional rights to vote, it does not change the fact that we have to live with them.

With that in mind, here are some action suggestions that any person can do NOW:

1. Find out what the current voter ID law is in your state. What paperwork does a person need to get a voter ID?

2. Look around you, who do you know who does not drive and/or does not have access to wherever they need to go to get the proper identification in order to be able to vote in 2012? How much help does that person need help to get the right paperwork?

3. Get off your rear end and help them! Stop complaining about the law and work with it. Explain the new law to the elderly, the poor and anyone you know who might be disenfranchised. Help them write for their birth certificate, or other paperwork, if necessary. Help them pay for it if necessary. When all their paperwork is ready, make sure they have filled everything out properly. Then take them wherever they need to go to get their voter ID. Get started now! Not tomorrow, not next week, not later on in the day, but right now.

4. Some people will require to take a day, or more, off work in order to get the necessary papers and voter ID. Many people will not be able to afford this. If they do, they risk being fired or just losing a day's pay, that they can ill afford. There will be costs involved in order to obtain birth certificates and other documents that may be necessary to get the voter ID. Many people will not have the funds for these simple fees. When you can, where you can pay for it yourself. This is not a bribe to vote. This is not anything except helping people to keep their right to vote.

Belong to a union? Get your union involved. How many people can your union put on a bus and take them en masse to wherever they need to go, to get whatever paperwork they need, in order to vote in 2012?

Remember, read the laws carefully. Get legal advice, if you think you need it. Do not break any laws. Just get off your rear and get to work!

It really is simple. Mostly, it takes a lot of work. Over the next several months, it is necessary that every Democrat that lives in any of the states that have these stupid, silly, bad voting laws comes to the aid of every poor person, elderly person, or anyone who may be disenfranchised by these new laws.

Make sure that no one in your state is unable to vote because they don't have the proper ID.

Republicans are counting on you to be lazy. They're counting on you to sit back, and be mad at Obama and not budge. Prove them wrong!

America is counting on you. Freedom is counting on you. The future is counting on you.

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